Appreciating IT

Information Technology is often left to the hands of the IT Specialist. However, as we have learned even non-IT professionals has to learn how to harness the power of IT in increasing productivity at work and even in professional life. As it has been said that IT is a gift of fire, it is important to take advantage of its benefits and not use it for the harm of others. Going back to the role of managers in IT, one of my learning is how to look for appropriate IT opportunities that we could use for our competitive advantage. I understand from our lectures that there are still other uses of the current system that we are using that could be enhanced through the use of collaboration tools. There must also be defined and written IT policies to prevent abuses in the use of IT facilities that could result to less productivity.

It is also the role of the manager to take part in the smooth introduction of any IT improvements in the company. One of the major learning I had is how to manage change which is according to DR Cronner, involves informing, educating and thereby getting commitment for the change. Basic also to my learning is on how I can make use of the data in our SAP and make it into a useful and processed data for our decision making process.

As often said learning does not end in the four corners of the classroom but is a lifetime process. The purpose of learning therefore is to stimulate the learner to be in quest for the answers to his own questions.


Offline and Present

I have come across one time this quote from a user of social media “the more you connect, the less you connect”. Simply shows that often times we have traded the physical presence with the on line presence. We are present in the table for a dinner for example but we are somewhere else once we are on line. The social media like information technology is a gift of fire indeed. As a gift of fire it could be use for personal development and professional growth. Among my interest in the social media are the talks of well known inspirational speakers in the like of Francis Kong, John Maxwell, Bo Sachez and Leo Buscaglia. These talks do not only help me in my personal realizations but at the same time for practical application in the work place especially in the field of leadership, motivation and management. Social media is a great help in bringing family and friends together despite of distance. Social media could also be a venue to create a network for potential customers. It is also a venue for sharing ideas and common interests.
Most often the use of social media has become a habit that it also reduces and affected our level of productivity and even our relationship with friends. As part of my personal commitment, I will not bring my cellular phone on the table when eating in order to have a personal conversation with people most especially with family members. Secondly, I will reduce my time spent on line and focus on other useful activities. Finally, I will use social media for my personal growth and career development by looking for practical and helpful resources when on line.

On pirated Software

Software piracy involves unauthorized use, duplication, distribution, or sale of commercially available software. Softlifting is a type of software piracy that involves installing software with single-user license on multiple machines. It is the most common type of software piracy within companies. The key reason for software piracy is its costs. Software can be very expensive and it is also very easy to copy making it even harder to stop its piracy.
No matter how much is the cost of software and we cannot afford it our sense of what is right and wrong would dictate us that it is always wrong and illegal to use pirated software. The moral sense in us must be awakened to tell us that no amount of justification is enough to justify the use of pirated software. It is also good that we are made aware that if we cannot afford the legal copy with a license of the software we can always have the free software without the legal accountabilities.
One of the approaches that software companies could use to combat the problem apart from punitive measures, like pressuring the government to impose sanctions on transgressors as suggested by Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) is public education. It is important that the consumers be made aware that buying or using pirated software has bad impact to the economy and general welfare. When software developers losses their income due to piracy, researches for new software can be hampered thus the general public is also deprived of the chance to use better software.


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Create Legacy through Knowledge Sharing

As stated in the book of Reynolds, the goal of Knowledge Management (KM) is to improve the creation, retention, sharing and reuse of knowledge. Any organization will benefit a lot from Knowledge Management. First of all, KM fosters innovation by encouraging the free flow of ideas. Secondly, it leverages the expertise of people across organization. Workers can share thoughts and experiences about what works well and what does not, thus preventing new employees from repeating many of the mistakes of others. Finally, it captures the expertise of individuals as they retire. It is often said that experience is the best teacher. However, these experiences or processes often a tacit knowledge have to be captured and documented through KM in order to be used by the next generation of employees in order to maintain the same level of satisfaction enjoyed by the customers .

Oftentimes, the barrier in implementing KM is the lack of project initiatives since the priority is on the tangibles like revenues. Though an organization wants innovation there is little idea on the subject of KM where technology could help acquire, produce, store, distribute, integrate and manage knowledge which in turn could generate greater revenues like in the case of Giant Eagle, Inc.

Knowledge is power but knowledge sharing is empowerment. To some knowledge is their competitive advantage in order to climb the corporate ladder making it difficult to share. However, as John Maxwell said leaders who mentor potential leaders multiply their effectiveness. There is no success without a successor. Hence, knowledge is meant to be shared not kept within ourselves.

Blog # 6 Business Intelligence Tools

In management, it is often said what gets measured and scheduled gets done. These measures become the bases of decisions for present scenarios and even predict future outcomes. For better decisions, it is important to have reliable and better data on hand. Raw data are useless unless they are analyzed and organized for easy and quick reference of the decision makers. This is where business intelligence tools can become helpful in the daily operations of the organization. Business Intelligence includes a wide range of applications, practices and technologies for extraction, translation, integration, analysis and presentation of data to support improved decision making.

In keeping track of the employee or sales person’s performance giving rewards or incentives could encourage the said employee to use this BI tools. The use of dashboards for example could trigger the employee to give more efforts if he/she is still behind his or her key performance indicators. The superiors could also put pressures on employees who are not putting effort in their job.

Business Performance Management is an increasingly important application of Business Intelligence used to measure the actual performance or forecast the future performance of critical operations of an organization. Nowadays, most organizations employ the principles of Management by Objectives (MBO) which means key performance indicators matters in terms of compensation and promotion. If this is what is expected of the employee, this would highly motivate them to keep track their performance using BI tools.

Blog # 5 Shopping on the internet

Together with the evolution of internet or what the present generation call the information age is the convenience it brought for consumers. Shopping on the internet has allowed consumers to save time and effort in buying what they need. It also provides better options for buyers in terms of suppliers, cost, quality and features. It could only be less convenient if the images displayed in the web site do not match with the actual stocks received.

We must also be very selective when it comes to shopping on the internet. For me among the products I have no hesitation buying are airline tickets, books, and fashion products like clothes. Aside from convenience, these products pose lesser risks on the part of the buyer. Other products I would have to think about before buying are mobile and tablet, home appliances, and computers and laptop because of the inconvenience it can bring due to warranty issues. I would rather buy in the brick and mortar store for these items so that when there is a warranty I could return and have it replaced immediately. Finally, some of the products that I am going to have hesitations buying on the internet are food, health, and beauty products. I think it is very risky to buy these products because it is either taken or applied on your body which we have no clear idea of what were its ill effects to us.

Though shopping in the internet has brought convenience to many consumers it is also used by unscrupulous individuals for fraudulent activities. So, as consumers we have to be very meticulous and extra careful in dealing business on the internet.

Opportunities in Wireless Network Technologies

The wireless network technologies have brought about many opportunities that could be very useful and helpful in carrying out the day to day operations of an organization. One of such opportunities is the use of collaboration tools in getting closer to the customers, access to pertinent corporate data and critical messages regardless of the time of the day or geographic locations. Through this collaboration tools an organization or the management can also hold virtual meetings and deliver trainings without having to go physically to certain places. These opportunities can reduce costs and physical exhaustion on the part of the employee or the management or team members concerned because they no longer need to be there physically. Though a physical presence is necessary it does not need to be as frequently as often practiced.

Enhancing the use of these collaboration tools can bring about greater potential for the organization such as cost efficiency and better communication. Currently these collaboration tools are being used but not to its full potential. One of such tools that our organization could take advantage is the use of social media and blogs in reaching out to customers and web conferencing in conducting meetings to branches scattered in far places. Continuous learning and improvement in the use of these collaboration tools is one way of taking advantage of them.
In order to ensure safe usage of these network technologies, it is our policy that email address be made officially by the management so that when certain employee leave the company they cannot bring with them critical data or information. Each of the employees handling critical information should also sign a non-disclosure agreement with the company where they will be held liable for information disclosed which will be detrimental to the company.
Finally, it is not only important that an organization invest in information technology but at the same time look for ways in enhancing its capability and full potential in creating an edge over its competitors.